Liquid Methamphetamine
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Liquid Meth

A new form of methamphetamine has surfaced called liquid meth. Methamphetamine is often dissolved in water (liquefied) for the purposes of transportation.  It tends to be placed in familiar containers (e.g., liquor bottles) which are commonplace at points of inspection (e.g., ports of entry).  Once shipped to its final destination, the water is boiled away leaving the drug in solid form.  There have been many reports of some consumers preferring the drug in liquid form.

Story County, Iowa sheriff deputies said they believe methamphetamine is now being produced as a liquid that can be applied to paper. Authorities discovered the meth after it was sent through the mail. Investigators said the drug is typically made so that it can be smoked or injected, but now sheriff deputies are seeing it in a liquid form. "We were notified that a package had been sent in the mail. We obtained that package and found what appeared to be a liquid methamphetamine that was applied to the paper," said Capt. Gary Foster, of the Story County Sheriff's Department.

Initial lab tests showed that images printed on a piece of paper contained meth. "Then all the person has to do is take one of the pieces, tear it out, put it in their mouth and the drug can be ingested in their system in that fashion," Foster said.

The person who wrote the letter makes a direct reference to the handmade stationery on which the letter was written. The letter's author also comments on how the stationery starts "to grow on you" and how she now likes it.

Sheriff deputies said this is the first time they have found meth in that form. "Conversations that we've had with some of our other contacts across the state, they're not aware of anything like this. We've contacted other states and other states aren't aware of it either," Foster said. Foster said it is something they will now have to be aware of. "Drugs are always changing and people are always finding something newer and better," Foster said.

Liquid meth surfaced in Arab on two different people in two different locations about two weeks ago. "We just kind of stumbled up on it by accident and investigating it, found out that it was already pretty common on the streets," says Phillips.

Phillips says drug is new to Alabama and is relatively unheard of across the nation. But earlier this year, U.S. officials ran across liquid meth that was being smuggled in from Mexico. It was disguised by hiding it in tequila bottles.

"Being in liquid form, it can be disguised in any kind of container," says Phillips. While Phillips says there's not much difference in how the drug is used, the big concern is how it can be concealed. There's also a fear that it's even more potent than its crystal counterpart.

"The guy we got this from said comparing it to ice or regular crystal meth that it was stronger and better than any that he had used," says Phillips. Investigators aren't sure how liquid meth is made, or exactly what's in it.

Liquid Methamphetamine
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