Crystal Meth Use Information
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Crystal Meth Use

Crystal meth use has a powerful stimulating effect on those who use it. This drug alters the user's moods in different ways as the effects of using it gradually diminish. Immediately after ingesting any form of crystal meth the user experiences an intense rush, or feelings of extreme pleasure. This drug initially generates powerful euphoric feelings, often lasting 8 hours or more. It is extremely addictive and crystal meth use causes severe, often irreversible, physical and psychological damage.

Crystal meth releases high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which stimulates brain cells, enhancing mood and body movement. Tolerance levels develop rapidly in crystal meth users, therefore increasing the amount of the drug needed to satisfy the addiction. Many abusers will repeat the pattern by taking more of the drug during withdrawal to avoid withdrawal symptoms. This leads to a very dangerous cycle and may involve the use of other drugs to get over the withdrawal process.

One look at a person who has been struggling with crystal meth use for years should tell you everything you need to know about the dangers of this drug. But, in case you need more evidence, here are ten important facts about crystal meth use, abuse, and addiction that should be enough to either scare someone straight or motivate loved ones to get an addict into treatment.





10 Dangers of Crystal Meth Use

  1. Tremors and convulsions. Crystal meth use can send your body into a state of chaos with uncontrollable twitching and violent tremors.
  2. Mood swings. Individuals who use crystal meth are prone to violent mood swings, often moving from intense euphoria into depression or anger without warning.
  3. Severe movement disorders. Doctors have described the movement disorders associated with crystal meth use as being similar to Parkinsons disease.
  4. Respiratory problems. Long-term side effects of crystal meth use include labored breathing and other respiratory concerns.
  5. Strokes. Crystal meth can damage the blood vessels in the brain so severely that the individual suffers a stroke.
  6. Anorexia. Female crystal meth addicts have a high incidence of anorexia, as they are so consumed by the drug that they fail to take in the nutrients their body needs to survive.
  7. Crime. Many hardcore crystal meth users have been known to turn to crime (especially robbery) as a means of financing their drug habit.
  8. Broken relationships. When an individual develops a crystal meth addiction, the drug becomes the only thing of importance in their lives.   That means family and friends are neglected in the name of the drug.
  9. Problems achieving sexual climax. Although some short-term users report a more engaging sexual appetite, long-term use of crystal meth leads to the inability to achieve an erection or sexual climax.
  10. œMeth mouth. One of the hallmark symptoms of long term crystal meth use is the degradation of the teeth and gums.  Meth mouth can spotted casually as the individuals dental health falls into disrepair.

If you know someone who is suffering from crystal meth use and addiction it is vital that you contact us. We will help your loved one find the right treatment program to meet their needs and begin their journey back to sobriety.

Crystal Meth Use Information
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